Fiancee Visa

Congratulations on your engagement!


Now that you’re engaged, a Fiancee Visa is the next step in your journey.


You’ll have to start deciding where you’re going to get married and where you’re going to live. And whilst love knows no boundaries, love does require a Fiancee Visa for foreign fiancees to enter another country.


Fiancee Visas are exactly what they sound like. They are granted to the Filipinos who are planning on visiting or having their wedding in the home country of their foreign partner. A Fiancé Visa is not to be confused with a Spouse Visa. Fiancé Visas are for fiancés and Spouse Visas are for spouses.


When you apply for a Fiancée Visa, there are various things you’ll need to take into consideration. For instance, if you apply for a K-1 Visa to the United States, you’ll be on the clock because the validity of your stay is only for 90 days. This is why it’s best to have someone help you plan out your application so everything will go smoothly.


If you’re planning to apply for a Fiancee Visa, let Enhance Visa bring you together.


Enhance Visa has more than 25 years of experience processing visas for Filipinos who are to build a new life abroad. When you choose us, you can rest assured that your visa application is in expert hands.

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