Immigrant Visa

Immigrant Visas, also known as Permanent Resident Visas, are what you need to apply for to permanently live and work in another country. Various factors will be taken into consideration such as your age, education, work experience, and language levels. Each factor has a maximum number of points. The better your fare in each factor, the more points will be granted to you.


For instance, if you would like to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada, you will need to apply through Express Entry. Here, you will be ranked against other interested applicants from other countries. Each month, there will be a selection draw. Applicants with high points will be offered invitations to apply. If you get selected and complete all stages of the application successfully, you will likely be granted an Immigrant Visa.


Each country has its own eligibility criteria. To learn more about Express Entry (Canada), SkillSelect (Australia), and Skilled Migrant Program (New Zealand), request for a free assessment here.


Enhance Visa processes immigrant visas to Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Learn more about their immigration systems below.

Express Entry

The Government of Canada uses Express Entry as an online system to manage Immigrant Visa applications from Skilled Workers.


Express Entry manages the pool of candidates for Canadian immigration programs: the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Canadian Experience Class, and functions as a points-based system depending on a number of factors. 


Learn more about Express Entry.

Skilled Migrant Program

New Zealand’s Skilled Migrant program is an online points-­based system that is based on certain qualifications, like age, education and work experience.


Learn more about the Skilled Migrant Program.


All Skilled Workers interested in immigrating to Australia must go through SkillSelect.


SkillSelect is an online points-­based system that accommodates all skilled worker immigrant visa applications, both independent and sponsored, for Australia.


Learn more about SkillSelect.

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