Study to Residency Pathway

Enhance Visa has been able to help thousands of professionals achieve their immigration dream through direct immigration and now, the Study to Permanent Residency Pathway.

With immigration guidelines changing ever so often, direct immigration is no longer applicable to the majority of professionals, like yourself, who are looking for a higher quality of life in Canada, Australia or New Zealand.


It is for this reason that the Study to Permanent Residency Pathway was conceptualized.


The Study to Permanent Residency Pathway allows you to follow a clear immigration pathway that is unaffected by the fast changing rules and guidelines that have plagued Canada, Australia and New Zealand for the last 10 years.


With new “points-based” immigration systems being put into place in these 3 countries, it is harder for skilled professionals to meet the minimum requirements and become eligible for these programs.


Consequently, the Student Pathway has truly become the “preferred program of professionals” because it allows you to both study and work in your dream country, all while positioning yourself for top-paying occupations that lead you directly to Permanent Residency.


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